The TwinsUK resource is the biggest UK adult twin registry of 12,000 twins used to study the genetic and environmental aetiology of age related complex traits and diseases.

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Gut microbes important for dietary health

Tim Spector gave an interview to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, where he discussed the latest microbiome research and advised listeners on how to improve their microbiome population and what to eat for better health. The whole interview is now available online at the following link:  

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Your gut bacteria don’t like junk food – even if you do

Tim Spector, longstanding contributor to the science media outlet “The Conversation”, explains how junk food negatively affects the diversity of our gut microbiome, essential for our wellbeing. For the sake of his latest research published in his book The Diet Myth, Tim and his son put themselves through different diets to observe its effects on […]

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Dr Mario Falchi & team relocate to the Department of Twin Research

We are very excited to welcome Dr Mario Falchi and his team, who have relocated to the Department of Twin Research (DTR) from Imperial College London. Mario originally worked at the DTR as a senior statistical geneticist before moving to Imperial College and has now returned with his own group. During his time at Imperial […]

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Do our genes tell us how to vote?

We recently performed a poll of voting preferences among our twins aiming  to explore how much nature and nurture influence our party political allegiances and potential voting preferences.  We had an excellent response rate and the results of the study have been published by the Sunday Times and The Conversation UK,  an independent source of […]

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London Microbiome Meeting 2015 (LMM2015)

Hosted by the Department of Twin Research and held annually, this is an event aiming to create a discussion forum to share the latest and most innovative research within the microbiome field.  The meeting is taking place at St Thomas’ Hospital on 28th May 2015 from 16:00 to 19:00. We have a number of exciting […]

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