The TwinsUK resource is the biggest UK adult twin registry of 12,000 twins used to study the genetic and environmental aetiology of age related complex traits and diseases.

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What twins think about the Carb-digesting Gene

“Carb- digesting obesity gene discovered!” screamed a recent media headline. It was in fact referring to a major breakthrough into the cause of obesity discovered here at the Department of Twin Research together with collaborators at Imperial College and Lille in France. Together, we found that obesity is related to the number of copies that [...]

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TwinsUK and Bio-Revolution

“Science Museum’s Lates with MasterCard in partnership with the Crick Institute” TwinsUK is delighted to have been invited to take part at the latest ‘Science Museum’s Lates with MasterCard’ in partnership with the Crick Institute, and contribute to the bio-revolution event on 26 February 2014. We were delighted to have been chosen to present at [...]

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Boston Hall of Human Life

Tim Spector gives a lecture on how we can change our genes  at the official launch of the Museum of Science, Boston Hall of Human Life which aims to revolutionize how people understand their own biology and manage their health. You can watch the video here….

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Salon London Transmission Prize 2013

Professor Spector has been nominated to the Salon London Transmission Prize 2013. This prize aims to celebrate those personalities from the world of art, science and psychology that have exceeded at disseminating new and innovative ideas in an engaging manner. Salon London’s Transmission Prize recognizes the value of ideas and the work that speakers do [...]

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Professor of Genetic Epidemiology, Tim Spector combines his scientific knowledge and research to answer this question, and many more, in his new book. Tim Spector argues that we are not just skin and bones controlled Zumal die schnell zu erklarenden Regeln einfach und verstandlich sind und die Spannung in Roulette Online Casinos sich sehr gut [...]

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Barcelona Triathlon 2013

Congratulations to Professor Tim Spector for completing the Barcelona Triathlon – a great achievement, and for fundraising for the Chronic Disease Research Foundation which was set up to look at new ways of exploring the genetics of diseases associated with ageing. The CDRF generously supports a number of the research projects at the Department of [...]

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