Data Access

The DTR is part of King’s College London, and is based at St. Thomas’ Hospital, part of Guys and St Thomas’ NHS foundation Trust (GSTT). It encompasses the biggest UK adult twin registry in the UK with 11,000 twins used to study the genetic and environmental aetiology of age related complex traits and diseases. The cohort one of the most genotyped in the world and extensive biological and questionnaire data is available on hundreds of phenotypes.

The Department is looking to facilitate and encourage the sharing of data and material with the world scientific community to promote and contribute to further scientific research and generate new ideas and knowledge.

The DTR twin register is run as a supported access resource through our oversight committee for the research community and it is in the process of working towards an open access model with support from the Wellcome Trust.

Maintenance of our cohort is funded by the Wellcome Trust. For more information please go to the Wellcome Trust website.


  1. To facilitate multidisciplinary research and general access to both phenotypic and genotypic data for a diverse set of clinically related traits
  2. To publish in peer reviewed journals as well as creating an open forum to interact with the scientific community