Access Management

Professor Tim Spector is the Scientific Director of the DTR and management of the department is the responsibility of the TwinsUK Resource Executive Committee (TREC).
The committee currently comprises:

  • Tim Spector (Director)
  • Deborah Hart (Executive Director/Chair)
  • Frances Williams (Senior Lecturer/Honorary Consultant)
  • Chris Hammond (Frost Professor of Ophthalmology)
  • Gabriela Surdulescu (Laboratory Manager)
  • Massimo Mangino (Bioinformatician)
  • Darioush Yarand (Head of IT/Data & Admin)
  • Christel Barnetson (Finance and Research Grants Manager)
  • Victoria Vazquez (Data Sharing Manager)
  • Mario Falchi (Senior Lecturer)
  • Claire Steves (Senior Lecturer)


The TwinsUK Resource Executive Committee (TREC) usually meets weekly to consider submission of proposals and papers. Decisions on the most complex proposals will be overseen by the independent external Access Committee for CLS Cohorts, which oversees our data and/or material requests for projects. For more information on the CLS Access Committee please click here.