The DTR has implemented a system of cost recovery via which the applicants are expected to meet the costs incurred by the department in the process of facilitating access to the requested data/samples.  All projects cost will be evaluated in terms of the technical expertise and time required from our personnel.

The department receives funding from the Wellcome Trust and other charities to support core activities but this does not apply to the collection of new data/material and/or extensive analysis support from our analysts.

On agreement of the data/sample request proposals by the TREC, costs will be discussed and agreed between the department and the applicant. The total cost will vary depending on the type of proposal and work, and clinical or statistical expertise required. The department will always indicate the level of work required for each project and may reject a proposal if it considers that the costs of the project make it unviable.

The department encourages all the applicants when requesting data access for a particular project to ensure that they are listing all the phenotypes/ variables required as a charge will apply for further requests for the same project.