New Data/Material Collection

New data and/or material from the twins can be collected via self-completed questionnaires posted or emailed to the twins and twin research visits to our department.

Twin visits
We have a duty of care to the twins and it is an ethical requirement that the twins are not overburdened. Therefore all applications for twin visits will be coordinated by our team at the Department of Twin Research which will ensure that the tests comply with our duty of care and ethical commitments

Questionnaire proposals
The Department of Twin Research invites bona fide researchers to submit a proposal for sending out a short questionnaire to all active volunteers on the TwinsUK registry.

Our annual questionnaire (consisting of DTR questions and a range of smaller questionnaires from collaborators) goes out in the spring of each year. If you are interested in submitting questions to go into our annual questionnaire, please complete the DTR proposal form by November 30th.

We are occasionally able to send out questionnaires at other times of the year, however due to the logistics of sending out individual questionnaires costs may be incurred. Please complete the proposal form giving your requirements.

We accept proposals for questionnaires that cover a range of phenotypes from clinical to psychological.
– So that the length of the questionnaire does not become too excessive, we advise applicants to submit short questionnaires where possible, and recommend about 20 questions per subject.
– Where possible, questions must be validated with a high reliability and internal consistency.
– Non-validated questions will need to be formulated and piloted by the applicant, providing proof of piloting and
reliability, before acceptance.