Postdoctoral Research Associate /Research Fellow

closing date August 28th 2018

We are recruiting a postdoc to lead analysis of a MRC funded study investigating genetic and environmental regulation of Chromosome X in female twins. 

The project will:

  1. Investigate both environmental and genetic influences on skewed X-inactivation in the deeply-phenotyped TwinsUK cohort, including the longitudinal relationship between skewed X-inactivation and whole-genome sequences, healthy ageing, common disease and electronic health records.
  2. Identify genes escaping from X-inactivation and characterize how escape varies between individuals (including identical twin pairs), across cell-types, and over time in the same individual using both existing TwinsUK multi-omic datasets and new deep RNAseq generated in this project in immune cells from targeted twins.
  3. Explore local and distal genetic regulation of gene expression on chromosome X (eQTLs and splice-QTLs).

The successful candidate will have either experience in analysis of transcriptomes or other omic data or a strong foundation the genetic epidemiology of complex traits.
Full details are here: