Taught Courses

Burseries for Masters Programmes

The Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine at the Strand Campus of King’s College London offers a number of bursaries for their Masters programmes.

Masters programmes include exciting and innovative programmes such as

Students could address twin-related topics as part of their coursework.

The MSc in Bioinformatics at King’s

The MSc in Bioinformatics at King’s offers a wide-range of courses that may of interest to researchers in the Division.

Semester 1 has courses Fundamentals of Genetics and Biomolecular Structure for Bioinformatics (Michael Antoniou) and Statistics for Bioinformatics (Eric Blanc).

Semester 2 includes:

  • Data Analysis of Large-Scale Experiments in Molecular Biology(Thomas Schlitt)
  • Algorithms for Computational Molecular Biology (Maxime Crochemore)
  • Structural Bioinformatics and Protein Structure Predictions (Franca Fraternali)
  • Genetic Data Analysis in Medicine (Michael Weale)
  • Advanced Topics in Computational Genomics (Sophia Tsoka)

Please email the course organiser to find out further details of their modele, and the policy on visitors attending the lectures.

Intercalating BSc in Human Genetics

A 10-lecture course on Complex disorders, organised by Mike Weale is part of 6BBYG306.

This course illustrates the importance and future potential of genetics research in the understanding, treatment and prevention of human diseases, through direct experience of current research work and its clinical application.

The full course is open to medical students who have completed al least two years of their MB BS course and 3rd year BSc students from Bimolecular Sciences as elective courses.