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Friends with Benefits: Microbes, Diet & Me: Professor Tim Spector discussed the latest research into the microbiome and health as a guest speaker at the prestigious Autumn 2015 Albright Annual Symposium at the Museum of Science, Boston.

It Takes Guts – Tim Spector Cooking: Tim Spector collaborated with Director Leora Eisen in CBC documentary “It takes Guts”, which provides an in-depth and fascinating insight into the role our gut microbes play in our heath and overall wellbeing.

Gut Guardians Podcast: Episode 22 – Explaining the Diet Myth w/ Professor Tim Spector: Tim Spector, brings his expertise in genetics to the microbiome field and discusses various topics from his new book, The Diet Myth

Diet fads, myths and dogmas: Professor Tim Spector, discusses the real science behind what we eat and how our bodies digest food, demystifying the common misconceptions surrounding calorie intake and fat content.

Look after your gut: Professor Tim Spector, Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology, discusses how the key to losing weight and staying healthy is to look after your gut, as set out in his new book The Diet Myth.

EYE Research: Why eyes are the window to your health: Professor Chris Hammond, KCL Frost Professor of Ophthalmology discusses how twin research has led to advances in our understanding of common eye disease.

New discovery that genes play a role in chronic pain syndrome: Here is an interview with Dr Frances Williams about the research that led to the discovery that genes play a role in chronic pain syndrome.

TwinsUK have helped to find a new gene associated with age-related hearing loss: Here’s an interview with project lead, Dr Frances Williams about the research that led to the discovery of a new gene associated with age-related hearing loss.

Should you thank your gut for your girth? Click on the image below to open the Channel 4 News link.

Should you thank your gut for your girth?

The Mac Twins TwinsUK research visit: On Friday 14th November 2014, The Mac Twins, Alana and Lisa, joined us for their first TwinsUK research visit.

The Human Microbiome: Here are some facts about the human microbiome for prospective participants in the TwinsUK project.

TwinsUK is now part of the NIHR BioResource: Watch this video to find out more about a government initiative funded by the National Institute Health Research (NIHR).

TwinsUK Series Part 1: Professor Spector discusses how a small twin study in 1992 on arthritis has – eighteen years later – led to the UK’s largest twin registry of over 11,000 twins.

TwinsUK Series Part 2: Professor Spector explains how twins are a unique natural experiment and how comparing the similarity and differences among identical and non-identical twins shows us the importance of genetic influences on diseases and behaviours.

TwinsUK Series Part 3: Professor Spector explains the principle of heritability – the proportion of variability in a trait due to our genes – and shows how twin studies enable the effect of genes, the family environment and individual experiences to be teased apart.

TwinsUK Series Part 4: Professor Spector describes how life-style choices such as diet preferences, alcohol consumption and smoking intake — which are important influences on disease – may also be partly part influenced by our genes.

A behind the scenes view of the filming of BBC’s Horizon programme ‘The Truth about Fat’, featuring Professor Tim Spector and the twins from the Department of Twin Research Registry.

Sexuality After Genetics: The new science of gender. Watch this interesting debate and see how the panellists assess the science of sexuality.

Epigenetics: A feature talk by Dr Kirsten Ward on the topic of Epigenetics. What is Epigenetics and other related subjects? What is the Epitwin project?