The Department of Twin Research is co-ordinating a 5 year EU Framework 7 Large Collaborative Project (HEALTH-F2-2008-00) which started in January 2008 with funding of €11,924,000 and 10 research partners from 6 European countries.

TREAT-OA’s objectives are:

  1. to define the role of genes to understand the molecular pathways involved in disease aetiology
  2. to identify genes and biochemical markers consistently associated with risk and progression of hip and knee OA
  3. to analyze the molecular pathways to identify targets for pharmacological intervention
  4. to develop in vivo models by the use of transgenic animal laboratory OA model systems and 5) to develop a panel of genetic and biochemical diagnostics for risk and progression of OA.

As of February 2011 TREAT-OA has generated over 40 peer reviewed publications. To find out more please go to


The European Union FP7 programme