YAMP (“Yet Another Metagenomics Pipeline”) is a user-friendly workflow that enables the analysis of whole shotgun metagenomic data while using containerization to ensure computational reproducibility and facilitate collaborative research.

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  • PowQ

    PowQ: A graphical tool for evaluating the power of variance component multipoint linkage analysis studies through simulations.
    PowQ allows power calculations of variance component linkage analysis studies through simulations for study samples that can comprise assorted family structures, including extended pedigrees. PowQ also allows power comparisons of nested samples, which are easily calculated providing an initial sample and its possible extensions/reductions, both in terms of family units and in terms of family members. Relative power computation allows identification of the most informative and/or economical sample.

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  • PopPAnTe

    PopPAnTe: Population and Pedigree Association Testing for Quantitative Data
    PopPAnTe is an user-friendly framework enable pairwise association testing of quantitative –omics variables in family-based study. Relationships between individuals can be either described by known family structures of any size and complexity, or by genetic similarity matrices inferred from genome-wide genetic data. This approach is particularly useful when some degree of hidden relatedness (including population stratification) is expected, but extensive genealogical information is missing or incomplete.

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  • famCNV

    famCNV: copy number variant association for quantitative traits in families
    famCNV is a user-friendly Java program that enables genome-wide association of copy number variants with quantitative phenotypes in families of arbitrary size and complexity.

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