Academic Team

To call an extension starting with 5, dial  +44 (0)20 7188 7188 and then dial the extension number when the automated message starts.

Otherwise dial +44 (0)20 718 with the five digit extension number added to the end.

For staff emails, take email account name and add @ followed by email domain name. For example, if john.smith is the email account name and email domain name is, the email address is

This step is taken to reduce unsolicited emails sent to the Department of Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology email addresses. We regret any inconvenience caused for our legitimate visitors.

Name Position Extension Email Account Name Email Domain Name
Dr Frances Williams Professor 86743 frances.williams
Dr Massimo Mangino Bioinformatician/Honorary Lecturer 86727 massimo.mangino
Dr Jordana Bell Senior Lecturer 81506 jordana.bell
Dr Kerrin Small Senior Lecturer 51719 kerrin.small
Dr Claire Steves Senior Lecturer 85396 claire.j.steves
Dr Mario Falchi Senior Lecturer 55908 mario.falchi
Dr Alexessander Couto-Alves Research Fellow 56323 alves
Dr Julia El-Sayed Moustafa Research Fellow 56323 Julia.el-sayed_Moustafa
Dr Maxim Freydin Research Fellow 86736 maxim.freydin
Dr Cristina Menni Research Fellow 52594 cristina.menni
Dr Maria Staltei Research Fellow maria.stalteri
Dr Sarah Metrustry Research Associate 86731 sarah.metrustry
Dr Michelle Beaumont Research Associate 52596 madison.taylor-smith
Dr Caroline Le Roy Research Associate caroline.le_roy
Dr Shawnelle White Research Project Manager 86735 shawnelle.white
Dr Onyinye Diribe Microbiome Clinical Project Manager onyinye.diribe
Dr Paraskevi Christofidou Research Associate  paraskevi.christofidou
Dr Alessia Visconti Research Associate 86762 alessia.visconti
Dr Amrita Vijay Research Associate 80207 amrita.vijay
Serena Verdi Research Adminstrator  52594 serena.verdi
Maria Matey Hernandez PhD Student maria.matey
Marcel van de Streek PhD Student 81508 marcel.van_de_streek
Juan Castillo Fernandez PhD Student 81508 juan.castillo_fernandez
Matt Jackson PhD Student 81504 matthew.jackson
Marianna Sanna PhD Student 81508 marianna.sanna
Antonino Zito PhD Student 81508 antonino.zito
Ruth Bowyer PhD Student 81504 ruth.c.bowyer
Helena Wells PhD Student helena.wells
Philippa Wells PhD Student philippa.wells