Tim Spector is a Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at Kings College, London & Director of the TwinsUK Registry based at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. He trained in rheumatology and epidemiology and moved into genetic epidemiology in 1993 when he founded the UK Twins Registry of 12,000 twins, which is one of the richest collections of genotypic and phenotypic information on twins worldwide.
His breadth of research has expanded to cover the genetics of a wide range of common complex traits many of which were previously thought to be mainly due to ageing and environment. He has published over 600 research articles on common diseases and is an NHS NIHR Senior Investigator. He is PI of the Wellcome Trust Muther study and of the multicentre EU Euroclot and Treat OA studies, and a partner in five others. He was awarded in 2009 an ERC Senior Investigator award to study epigenetics. He has written several books, focusing on osteoporosis and genetics for the scientific and public communities and presents regularly in the media.

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