Executive Director

Dr Deborah Hart has been involved with the setting up and developing of the Department of Twin Research since its beginnings in 1992. Her main area of expertise is epidemiology, with wide berth experience managing longitudinal studies for twenty years. Currently her main role is leading the day-to-day running of the Department of Twin Research and TwinsUK resource, in particular planning key strategic objectives and targets for the DTR and TwinsUK, making major decisions involving the use of resources and personnel.

Main roles include:

  • Logistical planning of funding and maintaining the resource
  • Co-ordinating and overseeing study activities
  • Ensuring commitments to the funding bodies are delivered
  • Manage income and expenditure
  • Develop and implement strategies
  • Oversee dissemination
  • Pursue scientific interests
  • Represent TwinsUK within KCL and outside funder meetings
  • Overseeing the needs of collaborators, funders and the study participants
  • Supporting and planning all personnel activities within the Department


Name Position Extension Email Account Name Email Domain Name
Dr Deborah Hart Executive Director 6730 deborah.hart kcl.ac.uk


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