GSTT/KCL NIHR BioResource Team

To call an extension starting with 5, dial +44 (0)20 7188 7188 and then dial the extension number when the automated message starts.

Otherwise dial +44 (0)20 718 with the five digit extension number added to the end.

For staff emails, take email account name and add @ followed by email domain name. For example, if john.smith is the email account name and email domain name is, the email address is

This step is taken to reduce unsolicited emails sent to the Department of Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology email addresses. We regret any inconvenience caused for our legitimate visitors.

Name Position Extension Email Account Name Email Domain Name
Magda Martinez BioResource Nurse madga.martinez
Sam Wadge BRC Research Technician 86724 sam.wadge
Namakau Nakazwe BRC Research Assistant namakau.nakazwe