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Clinical Research Team


The Clinical Research Team (Left-to-Right): Cherylin, Shrina, Johanna, Kathrine and Ayrun

When you come in for a visit you will be seen by a number of people from our experienced and friendly research team which includes Ayrun Nessa, Cherylin Reinholtz, Johanna Honey, Kathrine Hilario and Shrina Patel.  We work hard to ensure that your visit is carried out as pleasantly and comfortably as possible. We are all fully trained to carry out a large number of tests and have a wealth of experience in research. Most importantly, we really enjoy our jobs, and especially love getting to know the twins at the visit.  In Ayrun’s words “We all appreciate how important your contribution to research is, especially at a time when gene discovery is opening up so many possibilities for the understanding of our health and behaviour – thank you so much for your continued support”.



June from Liverpool: ‘The team are all very nice and have made it a very special visit for me and my twin. We would love to come and attend a visit again!’

Sarah from London: ‘It is a beneficial visit for us too as we receive some feedback about ourselves. We enjoy hearing about what new research is being completed at the Department of Twin Research.’

The team show off our DTR bags

The team show off our DTR bags

Lab Team

Straight after the clinical research team have taken your blood samples, either Dylan or Kiran, two members of the laboratory staff, will collect them for processing and storage at the DTR Laboratory. The blood collected is separated into serum and plasma samples, and then stored along with the urine sample in large freezers at the DTR. A further whole blood sample is preserved in order to extract a DNA sample at a later date.

In addition to daily twin visits, the laboratory handles saliva, blood, buccal swabs, and hair samples froma wide array of ancillary projects funded by the DTR, as well blood and hair samples that you kindly post to us aspart of our postal collection. Gabriela Surdulescu, the Laboratory Manager, coordinates sample management and shipment as well as liaising with research collaborators while ensuring that lab work is conducted smoothly and expediently.

Admin Team

The Team (Left-to-Right): Matthew, Kathrine, Serena, Taha and Karolina

The Team (Left-to-Right): Matthew, Kathrine, Serena, Taha and Karolina

The team are happy to provide you with information about the Department and twin visits. Whether you are registering with us, visiting us or updating your contact details they will assist to your every query. They ensure your visit is prepared to run smoothly and work very hard to co-ordinate the studies. In total they have spoken to more than 7000 of you and enjoy keeping you informed of any new projects and media events.